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Let’s Get This Money for College!

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Let’s Get This Money for College!

CBV Social Media: Join our free private CBV Facebook Group and follow our public CBV Facebook Page to participate in daily inspiring posts about Scholarships and College resources.
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CBV Social Media:
Facebook Group

The private CBV Facebook group is the first and largest CBV Social Media platform. Lili St. Christopher and a small group of administrators facilitate it. The Facebook group was created on May 3, 2019, to share scholarship information with friends and family. Our steady growth results from consistency and providing relevant and timely content. Above all, we curate daily inspirational posts focusing on scholarships and college-bound success.

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Join our CBV Clubhouse Club for bi-weekly discussions, such as scholarships and family debt reduction strategies.
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CBV Social Media:

. The CBV Clubhouse Club offers networking opportunities for parents and college students. During the pandemic, all of a sudden, our mobility was limited. However, the CBV Clubhouse Club provides a platform to listen and learn about common college challenges facing BIPOC students.

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CBV Instagram Page

The CBV Instagram Page connects parents and students with other groups that support CBV families.

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Subscribe to our channel as we prepare for a Fall 2023 reboot.
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CBV YouTube Channel

The CBV YouTube channel premiered in August 2020 to further support CBV families. In light of the uncertainty during the pandemic, we paused the programming. The channel will be rebooted in the Fall of 2023. In the meantime, subscribe below to be among the first to learn about upcoming episodes.

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Lili St. Christopher interviewed Marcellis D. Wilburn. He is a 2019 graduate of Howard University, an HBCU in Washington D.C. Marcellis is also a Bill Gates Scholarship recipient, alumni of the Arkansas Commitment Program and a participant in Teach For America.
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CBV Podcast

The CBV Podcast was created in March 2020 to promote the successes of CBV families. Financial Literacy, Self-Care, and Mentorship e.g. are key to college success. The primary audience is in the U.S.; however, the podcast has a global audience. Listeners hail from the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, and Singapore, among other countries.

CBV: Scholarships Found

Join our  CBV 7 Day “Money 4 College” Virtual Challenge!

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