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College Dorm Essentials

college dorm essentials

What are the Top 12 College Dorm Essentials?

Speaking of College Dorm Essentials, we asked over 10,000 parents and students in the College Bound Village (CBV) community about their Top 12 preferences. Here are the Top 12 items:

Disclaimer: College Bound Village LLC is a participant in the Amazon Associates program. This blog post may include affiliate links, like an Amazon Prime Student 6-month free trial. The author earns a commission from qualifying purchases to help support the mission and vision of the CBV.

College Dorm Essential #1: 6-Month Amazon Prime Free Trial

All I want for college is a 6-month Amazon Prime Free Trial. Students understand the benefit of receiving packages timely and with free shipping from Amazon Prime.

Pro Tip: The Amazon free trial has several other advantages during the trial period including up to 4 months free of Amazon music, access to Amazon Original movies and so much more.

College Dorm Essentials #2 & 3: Comfortable sheets and pillow set

Comfortable bedding. Sleep is a high priority in college and students crave bedding that resonates with their style. Every student should have a place to relax and be comfortable, especially a nice, firm pillow.

College Dorm Essentials #4 & #5: Closet and storage organizers

Organizers are popular items for students who have limited dorm space. We recommend the closet organizer and bedside storage organizers.

The Three C’s of College Applications

College Dorm Essential #6: Masks

Masks are a must-have item during the ebbs and flows of the pandemic. Students should keep a supply of masks in their dorms, backpacks, and vehicles.

College Dorm Essential #7: Shower Caddy

Most first-year college students share dorms with at least one roommate, so using a shower caddy will help make shower trips efficient.

College Dorm Essential #8: Shower Shoes

Shower Shoes – shower shoes – No one wants to walk around with smelly feet or get athlete’s foot. These shoes help keep feet aerated and they are fast drying out of the shower.

College Dorm Essential #9: Laundry Bag

This stylish laundry bag and accessories make doing laundry a less mundane task. Don’t forget to get plenty of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.

College Dorm Essential #10: Fan

College dorms are known to be warm, particularly while students are studying in the wee hours of the night. Fans help keep students cool and relaxed during the day and evening.

College Dorm Essential #11: Closet Rod

Closet space can be especially challenging, particularly in college dorms. These adjustable rods offer efficiency and help scholars get more organized.

College Dorm Essential #12: Bra & Undergarment Organizer

This space-saver is practical and economical for college students. It fits neatly in dresser drawers, shelves and closets.

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