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Welcome to the CBV Blog
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Welcome to the CBV Blog

Welcome to the College Bound Village (CBV) Blog!

The goal of the CBV Blog is to provide educational and inspirational posts to empower and encourage families to pursue their path to college. Topics are curated based on questions from our CBV community and relevant issues impacting college-bound students. We connect with families through our Sunday newsletter, social media platforms, scholarship sessions, and on-site events.

Disclaimer: College Bound Village LLC is a participant in the Amazon Associates program. This blog post may include affiliate links, like the Amazon Prime Student 6-month free trialThe author earns a commission from qualifying purchases to help support the mission and vision of the CBV.

Inspirational Blog Posts

According to Forbes magazine, did you know that at least $100 million in scholarships goes unclaimed every year? With all of the various scholarships and college resource information available at the touch of Google and Alexa, one would think that everyone who applies would be able to go to college for free. However, many barriers to entry are associated with the college admissions and scholarship process.

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My goal is to ensure that parents and students know that obtaining a full-ride scholarship is attainable and life-changing. It is a gateway to building generational wealth, When my son earned over $500 million in scholarships in 2019, I could have kept that information a secret. However, I am blessed to be a blessing.

100,000 Families to Reach

I’m on a mission to empower 100,000 families with knowledge from credible sources about scholarships and college. To do that, I need to expand the scope and scale by optimizing technology and expanding my network. When I started the CBV Facebook Group in 2019, I invited about 300 friends and family members to the group. As of May 1, 2022, we have 4,200+ members, and our reach continues to grow as the Facebook algorithm recognizes our group.

Debt is Not a Dirty Word

College debt can be crushing to families who do not understand that they should get a return on their investment (ROI). However, short-term debt can help to attain long-term goals. For example, a college student might take out a loan in their first year and have a strategy to pay it off before their junior year by getting a higher-paying internship or increasing their tutoring hours.

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Need a Scholarship for College?

Take our College Bound Village (CBV) 7-Day “Money 4 College” Challenge. Sign up for our weekly Sunday newsletter to obtain timely scholarships and college resources. Read about testimonials from parents who have benefitted from CBV resources. If you found value in this blog, share it on your social media page or email it to a high school or college student.

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